The Cargo Airport Growth Summit Virtual Experience will feature advanced AI matchmaking capabilities.

The platform’s matchmaking application suggests the most relevant professionals to connect with based on your needs, offerings and interests. Browse your matches before the event starts, and send meeting requests to people who are relevant to you.

Connecting with attendees virtually has never been more efficient or effective.

Step 1: Sign in and complete your profile to identify your interests and availability.

Step 2: Let the platform’s “matchmaking” magic happen!

A match list will be generated for you, with your matches appearing under “People” in event platform. Remember, as soon as you sign in and mark your interests you will also be placed on other attendees’ match lists.

Step 3: Suggest, accept, or decline meetings before and during the conference.

Attendees who have used this platform say they are able to make 80% more B2B meetings compared to when using email.