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Alex Driesen



As co-entrepreneur, Alex Driesen runs business development and marketing at Nallian, the world’s leading provider of Collaborative Clouds for Airport Cargo Communities.

Nallian’s data sharing platform and collaborative applications empower cargo communities around the globe to synchronize processes across companies and truly operate as one around one single version of the truth instead of as individual silo’s. Such seamless collaboration delivers efficiencies, increases service levels and improves visibility for all, which makes the airport more attractive for all cargo stakeholders, and grows volumes without having to invest in extra physical infrastructure. On the fly, it increases resilience of the overall cargo system, helping to make cargo future proof.

Before joining Nallian, Alex was part of the executive team that built the logistics tech company Zetes Industries (now Panasonic) from a local startup into a 1200 people-18 countries international group. Alex has held corporate roles with focus on strategy, internationalization, and corporate, market and organizational development, as well as general management roles managing the company’s regional P&L’s from bases in Brussels, London and Johannesburg. Alex is also a board member in several tech companies and a venture capital fund.

Alex has a master degree in engineering from the University of Antwerp, a master degree in computer science from the University of Hasselt, an MBA from Flanders Business School, and an AMP from Harvard Business School.